Preparing for a long-distance move: tips for moving

Preparing for a long-distance move: tips for moving

prepare to move checklist

Preparing to Move

How do you prepare for a long-distance move?

Whether you’re moving to another state on the west coast or packing up to head east, long-distance moves can be stressful. And preparing to move can be just as hectic as the move itself if mishandled.

To get your next step off on the right foot, Brooklyn Local Movers has compiled some moving tips that will help you prepare and make the process much easier.

Moving Tips to Make your Next Long-Distance Move a Success

Preparing to Move: the right plan makes all the difference

As the adage goes, proper preparation and planning prevent poor performance. Granted, you’re moving to another state, not being judged on an outcome at work. But this business-speak classic applies equally well to moving.

Here’s what you need to do first when preparing to move…

Take Care of the Paperwork: the devil is in the details

Cancel any subscription services that are linked to your soon-to-be old address. Change your postal address and ask a friendly neighbor to keep an eye out for any mail that slips through the net. Cancel your payments to local services such as the gym. Transfer your utilities to the new address. Obtain medical and school records.

Take a Detailed Inventory: know what you have where

When preparing to move, it’s important to know what items you will be moving with and which can stay behind. Take an inventory of your home. Work methodically, room by room. This is an excellent time to bring out your inner Marie Kondo and get rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy.” In addition, note any borrowed items that need to be returned to friends or family.

A top moving tip from Brooklyn Local Movers, NY: As you walk around taking mental note of your home’s contents, put a red sticker on any unwanted items you see. 

Plan How You’ll Pack

Once you know what’s staying and what didn’t make the Kondo cut (i.e. do you LOVE it, does it bring you JOY), it’s time to plan how you’ll pack. Remember, you can get started with packing early, just don’t pack things you use often or you’ll just add to the frustration of the move.

Decide which rooms you’ll pack first, and estimate roughly how many boxes or chests you’ll need for each room. Remember that ‘inventory you made earlier”? Use that to add dimensions of items and to get a rough idea of the type of packing materials you’ll need.

TIP: A professional mover will be able to help you with your inventory and/or take your existing inventory list and make sure you have everything you need. 

Take a Breath – we’ve got your back

You’re probably feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of moving from Brooklyn, NY to another state. Take a deep breath and try not to worry, remember that you don’t need to take care of moving all by yourself. 

We know that preparing to move is hard, and we know that clients don’t need added concerns, that’s why we go out of our way to make the process as easy as possible. 

Reach out to the friendly team at Brooklyn Local Movers, NY and find out how we can help — our moving tips are just the tip of what we offer. 

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