Do you Know What Room to Pack First When Moving?

Do you Know What Room to Pack First When Moving?

Moving Tips for Queens

Moving Tips for Queens, NY Residents

What room should I pack first when moving?

Taking moving advice from friends and family is about as reliable as old wives tales on tips for health and vitality. Every once and a while you hit a winner but more often than not, you should have just seen the doctor.

When it comes to moving tips, everyone seems to have their own system — or at thinks they do — and everyone has an idea of how things should be done. 

Talk to ten different people for moving tips and you’ll probably end up with ten different to-do lists, all varied in their intensity and detail. Sometimes it’s simply better to go directly to the source, and get your advice from a pro.

With that in mind, Brooklyn Local Movers has compiled a shortlist of our own moving tips regarding which room you should pack first.

Follow this guide and make sure your move gets off to a great (and stress-free) start.

Moving Tips for Queens and Advice

Low-use Rooms

You wouldn’t attempt to run a marathon without a little training first right? Same concept here. Always start with the room you use the very least. Most move consulting services, ourselves included, will tell you to pack the room you do not use much first. This helps you in a few ways. One, you can ease into the process without much stress or feeling overwhelmed. It also means you can work out any kinks in your own process along the way. Perhaps you need bigger boxes, forgot the packing tape, or weren’t quite sure how to bubble wrap breakables.

TIP: When hiring a professional mover, you can skip the hassle, and let them do the heavy lifting. From packing and boxing items, to protecting your valuables and ensuring they get from A-to-Z in perfect condition, we do it all. Letting you focus on the important stuff, like getting you and your family settled into the new location. 

Medium-use Rooms

Once you’ve sorted the rooms you don’t use or use little, it’s time to move into the next lot of rooms, those you use frequently but not everything in those rooms. Think of this stage as the bedrooms and living room. 

Do you need to keep all the board games out or can you hold off on the Cluedo until after the move? Our top moving tip for these rooms is to pack what you can early. Don’t listen to your uncle’s moving advice of leaving everything to the last minute. But you also don’t want to pack stuff you need and then end up rooting around in boxes.

Live in a smaller apartment? We’ve got you covered too. Let’s say you’re a cool city kid living the dream in a bohemian studio apartment in Queens, NY. As your place is one room, follow the moving advice above and pack what you’re not using first.

High-use Rooms

As a general rule, your kitchen is always packed last. Leave this room until the end. Sure, pack away your collection of salt and pepper shakers, but leave one lot out. And be wary of falling into the trap of thinking you can do away with something you use often; don’t pack your toaster if you’re a daily toast eater. 

The same goes for bathrooms. Don’t pack your favorite or daily-used items until the day before moving on on that morning.

Move Consulting in Queens, NY

Still feeling overwhelmed by all the moving tips and advice you’ve received? It could be time to get in touch with professional move consulting services. 

Brooklyn Local Movers can help you sort the good moving tips from the bad and get you on track for a stress-free move. Get in touch today to find out how we can get you moving

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