Why Moving a Dresser with Clothes in it is a Move You’ll Regret

Why Moving a Dresser with Clothes in it is a Move You’ll Regret

Need to move your dresser? Get the inside scoop on moving a dresser from local Brooklyn, NY furniture movers

Can You Move a Dresser With Clothes in It?

Get The Inside Scoop from Local Brooklyn, NY Furniture Movers 

Moving can be an exciting (and stressful) endeavor. With a ‘to do list’ a mile long, and with the clock clicking ever closer to your move date, it’s natural to look for ways to cut corners and save time.

One such thought that often enters into the minds of those moving in a hurry is whether or not they can move a dresser with clothes in it.

In fact, as a local moving company in Brooklyn, NY, this question is one we hear all the time. In this guide, our local movers will help clear the air and get you the answers you need.

Will Furniture Movers Take Dressers with the Clothes Still In Them? 

As a general rule of thumb, leaving your clothes in your dresser is not strictly against the rules. That said, you’ll always want to check with the mover to make sure what they do (or do not) allow. 

That said, there are quite a few reasons why you may want to consider removing them anyway.

Take a Load Off

Simply put, whether it’s you or a local furniture mover doing the heavy lifting, an empty dresser is a lighter dresser. This makes moving quicker, more efficient, and safer for everyone involved. This reduces the risk of injury or damage when lugging around what is likely an awkwardly sized piece of furniture.

If time allows, removing clothing from your dresser is a good idea. If you’re running short on time, consider removing just the heaviest items (such as jeans).

What About Just Taking out the Full Drawers?

This sounds like a fast and simple solution, right? Not so fast. 

What is removed must later be added back in. Meaning more time spent matching drawers to the right dresser and shelving. Further, this increases the risk of damage to the drawers in transit (they are not meant to be outside of the dresser and are more vulnerable to impact).

Another consideration is weight distribution. Drawers are meant to remain inside the dresser, distributing weight evenly and helping to stabilize the furniture in transit and when lifted by you or your local mover.

The ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of Moving Dressers

Tips from Our Brooklyn, NY Furniture Movers 

1. Is your dresser already heavy? REMOVE the clothes.

2. Is your dresser light? Talk with your furniture movers about leaving items in to improve weight distribution and stability.

3. Is your dresser an antique or delicate? If yes, remove all additional weight to reduce stress on an already old item. 

4. Do what you can to secure the drawers from opening during the move. Your furniture movers can assist with this using specialized tape or other means.

5. Always inform your furniture movers if the dresser or other furniture has items left inside it.

6. Always remove any type of breakable or fragile items from your dresser and other furniture.

Work with Local Furniture Movers that Care About Your Furniture as Much as You Do

In the end, deciding whether or not to leave your clothes in the dresser will be a judgement call between you and your furniture movers. We’ll always work with you to find the most ideal solution.

If you’re staring down a potential move to or from Brooklyn, NY, reach out for a free no-obligation quote, and to find out why so many local residents trust our furniture movers to get the job done right.

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