What You Need to Know Before Hiring Local Movers

What You Need to Know Before Hiring Local Movers

hiring a local mover

Is it Worth it Hiring Local Movers?

You have spent countless hours searching for the perfect place to uproot and move to. The new place has everything you need, you’ve put your ‘John Hancock’ on the dotted line, paid your deposit or closed on your purchase and are now ready for the big move.

With the ‘move out’ date quickly approaching, you’ve likely been weighing the pros and cons of hiring a local mover, and whether or not its worth it.

Packing up items seems simple enough at first glance, but it’s a challenge that many people moving to or from Manhattan tend to underestimate.

Fact is, we all have more ‘stuff’ than we even realize. Clothes, antiques, collectibles, dishware, tools, sports equipment, trinkets, office supplies, furniture, pictures, the list is endless (or seems to be).

Before you make the decision on whether or not to hire local movers, we challenge you to create a detailed inventory of EVERYTHING you own, its worth, size/dimensions, and organize this by categories.

This step is usually all it takes for Manhattan residents to toss up their arms in protest, and we can’t blame you. More often than not, the challenge of organizing, wrapping, packing, boxing up and physically moving these items is a task best left for local movers.

When Hiring Local Movers Is Worth It for Those Moving to or From Manhattan

Evaluate Your Timeline

Are you under pressure to make the move for a new job? Do you have a non-flexible ‘move out’ date set by a landlord or terms of a home sale? How many other ‘to do’ items are on your list before making the move? What does your upcoming schedule look like for work and other obligations?

In short, do you realistically have the time needed to move on your own? 

Tricky Items 

Moving can be downright dangerous if not handled by professionals. Take an inventory of all heavy and awkward items you own. Do you have the physical ability, skills and safety equipment to move them without risk of injury (or worse)? What if they get damaged due to dropping? 

Items that are often best left to professional local movers include: 

  • Indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Desks, chairs, tables, cabinets, dressers, TV stands
  • Aquariums 
  • Fitness equipment 
  • Tools 
  • Large TVs
  • Bed frame
  • And more…

Truck and Equipment 

Do you have a truck capable of fitting all of the items you need to move? Would you need to make more than one trip? What would that cost you in time, gas, insurance and perhaps even truck rental fees?

Do you have other moving equipment and safety equipment such as a dolly and heavy-duty straps? 

How familiar are you with driving a large, overly heavy weighed down truck? Would you have issues with parking the vehicle or driving through areas with changing terrain, such as in the mountains (if applicable)? What about if the weather gets bad?

Professional local movers are accustomed to handling all of the above with a smile on their faces. They have the experience, tools of the trade, and specialized safety equipment to get the job done right…and safely without incident.

Is it Worth it to Hire Local Movers? – the final word (H2)

If you are moving to or from Manhattan, you likely have a lot on your plate to deal with. Let our professional local movers make sure you and your items arrive at their destination on time and intact.

Call or message today for a free estimate.

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