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Your favorite Sarasota movers are also in the business of providing safe and affordable storage options to meet their customers’ storage needs. There are many reasons why people need storage, and for whatever reason it is that brings you to Flat Fee Movers’ Self Storage, they’re there to meet your needs.


Whether you’ve been evicted, are facing a last-minute move, are dealing with a rescheduled or canceled closing on a home, need to clean out a pod or have a container that needed a load swap, FFM offers a wide selection of space options and can safely store your belongings for as long as necessary in their clean and cool storage facility.


Do you have a pending corporate move on the horizon? Sarasota’s Flat Fee Movers are up for the job. Not every moving company understands the importance of or can take on a company move with the expertise and professionalism that Flat Fee Movers can. They’ll meet your goals while reducing downtime, often being able to move you in a single weekend. Being fully licensed and insured will guarantee you the peace of mind you deserve while moving your business from one location to another.


Commercial moving services provides by Sarasota’s Flat Fee Movers include:


- Long-time seasoned veterans in the moving industry to provide your company with the best advice and management during your corporate move

- Moving staff that has been educated to deal with all the possible dimensions of the workplace, including relocated, trade show and auctions

- A professional corporate moving manager that will walk with you every step of the way, help with preparation and see the project to its end.

- Complete disconnect and reconnect of IT devices

- Relocation of computer systems and storehouse machines

- Complete setup assistance at your new location

- Disposal/ possession recover

- File moving services

- And much more.


If you’re a homeowner facing a local or long-distance move, trust the Sarasota movers so many other locals have called on for their moves. If you’ve ever moved using a less than reputable moving company, you know the surprises that could be lying in wait around every corner. Not so with Flat Fee Movers. There are only two charges that you will incur: an hourly labor charge and a travel charge. There are no hidden fees or charges for you to worry about. The price you are quoted before your move is the price you will pay after. 


It may surprise you to learn that many long distance moving companies pass your belongings off to a third party driver. If you’ve never done business with the third party, or agreed to do business with them, you may be in store for all sorts of surprises.  With Sarasota Flat Fee Movers, the same crew that loads your items in Florida will be the same crew unloading them when you get to your new home.


You can feel confident moving with Flat Fee Movers. They’ll take great care of you and your belongings, from beginning to end. To request a free moving quote, call 941-202-5554.

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